We have extensive experience in the advice and processing of the Personal Income Tax (known in Spain as IRPF), both for residents and non-tax residents. All foreign citizens resident in Spain and who own some kind of income-generating property or activity are subject to the IRPF, as well as those who, being non-tax residents, own real estate in Spain. 

We’re glad to support our clients in all tax matters, and in particular:

  • Preparation of tax returns such as VAT. 
  • Corporation tax (Spanish Impuesto de Sociedades). 
  • Wealth Tax (Spanish Impuesto sobre el Patrimonio). 
  • Tax on Inheritance and Donations (Spanish Impuesto de Sucesiones y Donaciones). 

Our team is also in regular contact with the collaborating firm Moya & Emery, dedicated to the advice and tax management for companies and individuals, both resident and non-resident.