More than 35 years of experience guarantee us as specialists in civil, commercial and administrative law. We pride ourselves on always offering a direct, close and personalized treatment, whatever your needs may be. Below you will find a list of our main areas of action:



  • Obligations and contracts.
  • Civil liability.
  • Law of succession and inheritance.
  • Breach of contract and non-payment claims.
  • Claims for contractual breaches and unpaid depts.
  • Rental and eviction processes.


  • Constitution of companies.
  • Issue, sale and purchase of shares.
  • Contractual law.
  • Corporate operations (capital increase, statutory amendments…).



  • Purchase option agreements.
  • Sales contracts.
  • Advice on purchase deeds.
  • Advice on heritage transmissions.
  • Advice on Mortgages.


Our legal section is also integrated in Villalonga y Rotger Abogados, with whom we share partners and offices. We also collaborate constantly with other law firms, agencies and notaries, which allows us to extend our services to other areas, thus entrusting your case to our collaborators, specialists in other branches of law. We also have an extensive network of collaborators from other professional sectors (architects, IT technicians, translators and professional experts, among others), which will allow us to assist you in your subject with the highest efficiency.

Visit the Our Partners section to find links to the VR Abogados website, as well as other collaborating offices and services.