We offer a comprehensive service, with the aim of advising our clients in all their administrative obligations and needs.

Among all our services we highlight the following:


Immigration and residence procedures

  • Advice on obtaining the Spanish residence permit.
  • Advice in the process of obtaining the N.I.E (Foreigner Identity Number).
  • Advice on obtaining the Social Security number (foreigners).


Urban processes and licenses

We offer legal services in the most important areas of urban law, especially those closely related to real estate. Likewise, we offer advice on obtaining all types of municipal and building planning licenses. In particular:

  • Advice on disciplinary proceedings in any area (fines, urban sanctions…).
  • Processing of cadastral and registry procedures.
  • Tax procedures subject to municipal administration (Property Tax – IBI, waste fees, traffic taxes…).
  • Processing in the obtaining of construction permits.
  • Processing in the obtaining of certificates of completion of construction work.
  • Advice on procedures for restoration of a building’s urban legality.
  • Processing of activity and operation licenses.


Other areas

Advice on obtaining supply contracts of all kinds (electricity, gas, water, internet and telephony…).